boston marathon course

Less than six week remain until race day. I no longer have to scroll down on my google calender from the week I am in to see “BOSTON-26.2 @mp pace” highlighted. It sits right there staring at me. If you had asked me a few weeks ago, I am not sure that I would have said that I would be ready. It wasn’t for lack of preparation. I had starting base building in November and training in December. It wasn’t even that I wasn’t running well, because by the numbers most times I was. Yet I still felt doubt and like I was detached from my running.

Then one day I was running home from work on the West Side Highway and I knew that I was going to race race Boston. Nothing unusual had happened, it was just an easy run, yet I felt excited and alive. I may have a decent grasp on the technical side of running, but this I have no explanation for. The last time I felt that way was during the San Francisco Marathon. It may sound ridiculous but it was as if my body and spirit were working together in unison.

Since then running has felt more joyful on the whole. However, one amazing run on the first 22 miles of the Boston Course stands out in my mind. The last time I wrote I mentioned I wanted to run on something that mimics the Boston Course more closely since I have a history of blowing up in downhill races. Nothing can come closer than running the course itself and I actually really surprised myself by loving the course. It may be net downhill but it is rolling from the start, which makes one use different muscles. I started out slowly and did 9 miles at the end at marathon goal pace ending up with a 8:03 average for the 22 miles and my fastest long run ever. Interesting to note it was also the best I have ever felt after a long run. I was not sore or tired at all. I am sure it will be more taxing on the legs to start out fast and I plan to head out to practice on the course one more time.

20130305-144814.jpgForty days for the body and spirit to get ready. Maybe I should start thinking about getting the mind ready too or even better just not think at all.

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8 Responses to boston marathon course

  1. that’s awesome that you got to run the course! and had a fantastic run!

    my opinion of the course is rolling, rather than downhill. i feel like the downhill is so gradual you don’t notice it much. then again, i didn’t exactly race the course last year either….i didn’t even think the uphills were that bad.

  2. Tezo says:

    You’ll be ready!

  3. Stroller Guy says:

    I think that it’s awesome that you’re simply going to run Bostson; you should be proud of yourself – regardless of the outcome. Even though I want to ultimately BQ and race it, I feel like I’m still “miles” away…

  4. haha, I love that you have “26.2 @ MP Pace” in your calendar. That makes is sound so much less scary! Also awesome you got to run on the course, especially since it is such a unique/challenging one with the downhills. I’d say you’re pretty ready, friend!

  5. glad you’re feeling good! was it hard to run with cars and such?

  6. Sounds like you’re going to be ready come Marathon Monday! So excited! It’d be interesting to see what the course looks like NOT on race day.

  7. I think it’s very smart to practice running on the actual course. I’ll be rooting for you on race day! Good luck with the remainder of your training.

  8. Just found your blog when I was searching about putting a name on my bib for Boston. And now I read you are doing Boston too. Looks like you came off of a great training cycle. Good luck! :-)

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